Unlike terrestrial radio, we don't need a license to broadcast online. However, as we will be playing commercial music rather than talk radio, we have obtained a license to protect the station from infringing on copyright. We currently have licenses for the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America.

In the early days of internet radio, when all we had available was dial-up access, broadcasts had a limited bandwidth. Today, with broadband and 4G for mobile, we can broadcast with MP3 and AAC streams of 256-320 kbps, enabling you to enjoy CD-quality sound from the station. 

CD Quality Sound
On-Parade.com is an internet radio station dedicated to playing the best of British Military Band Music recorded by The Royal Marines, The Army, and The Royal Air Force. 

Musicians in the Royal Marines Band Service perform at National and International events, major sporting fixtures, and esteemed concert venues. All musicians play two or more instruments, allowing the band to perform in full or as smaller ensembles, including string quartets, naval jazz groups, and rock bands.

The Royal Corps of Army Music delivers musical support to the Army and the wider Defence community. Through music, Service Bands help to sustain and develop the moral component of fighting power, support State Ceremonial, and achieve influence in order to further Defence and National interests.

Since its inception in 1918, the RAF Music Services has inspired listeners. Based at RAF Northolt and RAF Cranwell, the bands support over 600 engagements worldwide every year, from public duties such as Changing the King's Guard at Buckingham Palace to performing charity concerts around the UK.

The Royal Marines

The Royal Air Force

Unique Recordings

You can tune in any time, day or night, and listen to the best of British Military Band music. We have albums featuring historic regiments that are no more than a memory and confined to the history books, gone but not forgotten. We also have albums featuring the bands of today, who continue to uphold the traditions of the service they represent. A list of albums in our database can be found in the Library. If you have any albums we do not have in our collection; we'd be happy to receive a copy and feature it on the station. Get in touch via the Contact Us for more information.

The Army

  • How do I listen to On-Parade?

    On-Parade is an online radio station. If you have access to the internet you can listen to On-Parade. Just click the 'play' button . You can also download an app from LIVE365 so you can listen to On-Parade anytime.


    See the question 'Is there an app for On-Parade?'

  • Is there an app for On-Parade?

    Currently, we do not have a dedicated On-Parade app. However, you can download the app provided by the station software by searching the app store for LIVE365 Radio—Music & Talk.


    Once downloaded, enter On-Parade in the search bar at the top of the page. You can then save the station as a favourite. That way, every time you open the app, On-Parade will be there, ready for you to listen.


    If we can secure funding, we would love to have our own app. 



  • Can I use Alexa or Google?

    Currently there is no facility to use Smart devices to open and play On-Parade. As we hopefully secure further funding having this facility is something we will implement.

  • What about the Finances?

    On-Parade is a true labour of love, driven by a team of dedicated volunteers and sustained by the generosity of donors. The owners do not receive any financial income, and all running costs are kept to a minimum, thanks to the hard work and commitment of our volunteers.


    If you wish to donate and help keep this rich music heritage 'on air,' please use the secure PayPal facility in Contact Us. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

  • Which countires does On-Parade broadcast in?

    We currently have broadcasting licences for United Kingdom, North America, and Canada.

  • When will On-Parade broadcast outside the UK, USA and Canada?

    Several organisations and/or bodies look after music copyright and royalties. For example, the UK licensing bodies are the PRS (Performing Rights Society) and the PPL, which represent the interests of record labels.


    On-Parade has gained a licence to broadcast in the UK, USA, and Canada. If we are successful in gaining further funding, we will be able to consider adding more countries.

  • Why are you playing tracks at random?

    We adhere to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) rules when playing music from the above album database. The DCMA addresses the rights and obligations of owners of copyrighted material who believe their rights under U.S. copyright law have been infringed, particularly but not limited to, on the Internet. This means that we are not allowed to play an entire album consecutively. Until we have created schedules the software will play tracks at random while adhering to the DCMA rules. 


    The DMCA rules are:


    - No more than 3 tracks consecutively from the same artist

    - No more than 2 tracks consecutively from the same album

    - No more than 3 tracks consecutively from the same artist

    - No more than 4 tracks from the same artist in a 3-hour period

  • Why On-Parade?

    On-Parade was set up by a veteran musician who wanted to share his military band music collection with other veterans, current service members, and anyone interested in Military Bands.


    When he walked into his local Army career office at 15, he had over 75 bands in which he could choose to enlist. As a pupil at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall, he was one of over 200 pupils forming four Company Bands. Like other military veterans, he has witnessed the demise of many famous Regiments and, with them, their bands. Today, the Royal Corps of Army Music, the Royal Marines and the Royal Air Force have a vastly reduced pool of musicians. However, their standards and quality of music remain as high as they have ever been.


    Many iconic military bands are now part of our history, each one leaving behind a rich legacy through their recordings. On-Parade is pleased to have many of those recordings in its database. Whether it's the bands of today or yesteryear, they all share the unique experience of being on parade, and our station is honoured to be 'On Parade' 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, preserving their musical heritage.


    On-Parade is a labour of love, run by dedicated volunteers and sustained by the generosity of donors. If you wish to donate and help keep this rich music heritage 'on air,' please use the secure PayPal facility in Contact Us. Thank you in advance for your generosity.


  • Why only music from British military bands?

    When the founder of On-Parade came up with the idea of sharing his military band album collection he discussed the idea with mutual military band friends. When they pooled their album collections for the purpose of setting up the station, thier collection was mainly British military bands.


    With the demise of so many famous regiments and consequently bands in Britain, many iconic bands are now part of our history, and it was decided to dedicate On-Parade to playing and keeping alive, the best of British military bands.


    We are not totally discounting bands from other countries, so watch this space.

  • Is On-Parade interested in my recordings of military bands?

    If you have any recordings of British Military Bands you think we could use on the station, we'd be delighted to hear from you. First, check out our Library database on this website. This is an up-to-date list of all the albums in our collection. You can sort the list by Band, Regiment, Album title etc.


    You can send a copy of the recordings in MP3 format and quality photo images of the sleeve notes.  If you have albums you'd like to donate to the station, we accept recordings in LP, CD and 78 formats. Alternatively, if you want them returned after we have recorded them, that can be arranged. 


    For more information, get in touch via the Contact Us page.


  • What has been the maximum number of bands in the British Army?

    In 1881, records show the British Army had 178 bands, this grew to 192 bands by January of 1922. After the Second World War, battalions and the number of bands slowly started to diminish as regiments and or battalions were amalgamated or ceased to operate. Then in 1991, the Corps of Army Music was formed as part of the defence review known as 'Options for Change' and regular army bands were reduced form 69 to 30. Subsequent closures have continued leaving the regular army with 14 bands.



    1st Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment

We are working on creating daily and weekly schedules.

Until then, the station will play tracks at random from our album library database.  

We'd be pleased to hear from you.
  • Are you a veteran Musician of HM Forces?
  • Has your old band been featured on this station?
  • Do you have an album you'd like us to broadcast?
  • Are you a military band supporter
  • Do you want to be kept informed with station news?
  • Any comments you'd like to share about this station?
  • Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve the station?
  • Have you broadcasting experience and happy to share or use your skills in developing the station? 

If the answer is yes to the above or you have some other comments to make, please get in touch using the contact form on this page. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

The Military Band Radio Station

Radio Schedule

Our library database contains over 250 albums. They include recent recordings from bands from of all the Services, and several rare albums from bands who no-longer-exist. You can view the whole database in the table below.

The default sorting option in the table below is 'album title'. If you wish to choose a different sorting option, filter, or use the search facility, click on 'Sort' to see your options. If you have an album or recordings you would like to add to our collection, we'd be happy to receive a copy and feature it on the station. Get in touch for more information on what we would require.

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Continuous music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Would you consider making a financial donation?

On-Parade.com operates as a not-for-profit company. Our approach to running On-Parade is that all profits go to our chosen charity, the Royal British Legion.

The Royal British Legion supports members of the Armed Forces, veterans of all ages and their families. Providing crucial assistance every day of the week, 52 weeks of the year.

On-Parade's primary source of income is through grants and donations. The owners do not receive any financial income and all running costs are kept to a minimum.

Please consider making a donation. It will to help keep On-Parade ‘On-Air’ as well as supporting the Royal British Legion.


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